Greetings and Welcome to what I hope will be an enlightening journey of Discovery.

Discovering how truly wonderful our bodies are!

Our bodies are designed to function and regenerate with the purpose for a meaningful and joyful life. All it needs is great wholesome nutrition, respect and love to achieve this. Hence Body In Balance Therapy & Health – where I endeavour to encompass the Whole Being. Wholefood & Rawfood Workshops, Massage, Bowen Therapy, Zen Thai Shiatsu, Flexibility and Specialised Stretch Classes and our amazing Therapeutic Far Infra-red Sauna treatments.
My life’s passion from the age of 20 has been to help and inspire people to achieve great health and wellness. Now twenty-three years later my passion and conviction is even stronger, seeing for myself over the years the power of food and what a nutrient dense diet can do to heal so many health problems encountered today.

My journey started in one of the top 5 Star Hotels in Johannesburg, where I worked my way up to Restaurant Manager in one of the cities finest dining restaurants, working extremely long hours, but surrounded by some of the finest food money could buy. Five years into the industry I was near burnout. At the age of 23yrs old, I made a dramatic dietary change and became vegan literally overnight. What a change! Although blessed with high energy, I now found my energy levels peaking, having cut out refined sugars, alcohol and many refined foods, replacing them with whole, real foods. Suppleness returned and daily yoga was once again a huge part of my life, as was long distance running.

My passion and ideals around food, free of preservatives, sugar and other additives, served in its most wholesome natural state, led me to buy my first restaurant, but I did not want to stop there, so I started teaching Healing with Wholefoods~Culturing & Rawfood Workshops,  and taught some of the top national fashion models, business people, corporate groups, children and health shop owners, the wonders and benefits of whole and raw foods.

I then went on to run one of the first Naturopathic, Vegetarian/Vegan Wholefood Emporiums in Johannesburg, training a kitchen and chef staff of 15, all aspects of health food preparation, true sourdough bread making, etc. This led to the first Vegetarian Buffet restaurant ever opened in Johannesburg. It was an incredible challenge for a 25 yr old, but I knew this was my path. From there I went on to study Medicinal Herbs, and opened Hedgehog Organics, growing and supplying medicinal and culinary herbs to selective restaurants, health shops and Naturopaths/Herbalists. I then studied Macro-biotic cooking and ran a macro-biotic cafe in Sydney and was amazed at changes in people consuming a diet high in sea minerals and fermented foods. I was swept away on a Macro-biotic journey of discovery.  I immersed myself completely in each and every dietry lifestyle and really experience what a certain form of nutrition did for me, be it good or not productive to my health.  I moved to Australia in 2000 and worked at the Anne Wigmore Rawfood Centre on the Gold Coast, teaching raw food classes, fasting, juicing and cleansing programmes, whilst following her programme myself for 2 years.

Tragically, losing my mother to cancer stopped me in my tracks and really made me look again at how fragile we are as humans. The need to nurture and revere the whole being is so important, especially now as stress and de-natured fast foods are wreaking havoc in the human body. As I wanted to work holistically with people and even animals (horses being my life since age 4), on a one-to-one basis, I then went on to qualify in Remedial Massage, Bowen therapy, Equine Therapy, Zentai Shiatsu and Therapeutic Stretch and Flexibility Teaching( with Kit Laughlin),  a specialised field of teaching specific exercises done in a specific way. Links to Kit Laughlin. www.kitlaughlin.com.

I set up Body In Balance Therapy and established myself on the Gold Coast. A very important and special feature is the use of the Far- Infrared Solo Sauna in treating people suffering from high blood pressure, kidney disease, severe excema and other skin problems as well as  heavy metal poisoning.  As I wanted to offer a fully comprehensive form of healing – I encompass :

Body work – Remedial Massage, Bowtech Therapy, Zen Thai Shiatsu,

Far Infra red Sauna Therapy – detoxification and rejuvenation,

Stretch Therapy classes  AND

Wholefood  & Rawfood Healing classes and private tuition.  By including both cooked whole foods and the wonders of raw foods and the very beneficial naturally fermented foods in our programmes, helps people to adjust and make huge changes in their way of eating, as going straight onto raw food can be far too challenging for many.

Pure, whole foods help create a supple, well functioning body, free of the burdens of extra toxins in an ever increasing world of pollution. My WHOLEFOOD AND RAW FOOD CLASSES encompass all the knowledge and passion I have to help you create abundant health, set in motion reversing ill health, fatigue and removing toxins from your body.

Now, as a new mother to our gorgeous organic daughter, Ella, who amazes people with her clarity and centredness, inspiring me to help teach and restore people’s belief and knowledge in getting well and staying well!

Feeling great and wholesome is a WONDERFUL JOURNEY !  Hop on board and may your journey of self discovery be as enthralling as mine has been and continues to be.


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