Chromium and Mineral Balancing for Sugar Cravings

Greetings to you all on this gorgeous March evening, and I am very excited with the change of seasons starting soon with shorter days and cosy nights in front of the fire – Guanaba certainly hits the chill factor at night.  So all the more reason to feast on wonderful, life promoting FATS. Fats in the form of Raw cultured butter, coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds.  These are the true fats that ancient cultures thrived on, keeping them warm in the winter and supplying their bodies with plenty of energy.  One question for you – How many people do you know that have gone on a low fat diet and when speaking to them, hear that all they crave are carbohydrates, and then put on more weight after the diet than what they had been carrying before.  The explanation is really very simple in the world of Wholefoods. Good fats satisfy the appetite!  This happens because the mechanism in the brain tells us when we have eaten enough fat, but the opposite is true for carbohydrates, people can always find room for sweets even after a large carbohydrate meal. So once good fats have been omitted from the diet the body craves carbohydrates for fuel. Digesting carbohydrates places more burden on the pancreas, whereas Fats are converted readily into usable fuel for the body.  More damaging to our cells are refined grains, sugars, processed foods and rancid/heated oils.

I am hearing more and more people battling with sugar cravings, and it becomes quite a struggle to omit that teaspoon of sugar to their morning coffee or on cereal.

So, lets look at our mineral intake in a day.  We need 75 different minerals daily in order for all our cellular activities to take place. Millions of years ago soils around the world contained at least 84 different types of minerals.  Around the world today,  mineral content of agricultural soil is so depleted or non-existent at all.  Thanks to the modern day farming methods using large amounts of pesticides and chemical fertilisers, which bind up minerals so that plants cannot use them, which then leaves the plant itself deficient, which then leaves us deficient even if we do eat an abundance of plant matter.  Chromium is the most important mineral in helping our bodies regulate and utilise sugars,  unfortunately soils around the world are very depleted in Chromium, hence us needing an abundance of great quality plant matter daily (organic, bio-dynamic), especially green leafy variety, and hey presto we have people reversing Type 2 diabetes by doing this! By consuming sugar and refined foods, we are depleting our own supplies of Chromium as well.

There is also an important correlation between gut symbiosis and sugar cravings….feed the right type of bacteria, then they over ride the pathogenic bacteria.

In a nut shell, correct gut symbiosis, consume large amounts of chlorophyll rich foods daily, consume whole foods and awesome raw/cold pressed fats, & take in colloidal & plant based minerals and if needed consult your Naturopath for Chromium supplementation.

Be healthy and happy