Do you feel stress building up in your body?

As far back as 3000 BC the Chinese were treating people for stress using massage. Believing in COMPLETE HEALTH, they wanted to bring the body back into ” BALANCE.”

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used massage to improve joint function, increase muscle tone, and even claimed it cured paralysis.

Now in the year 2013 we know that to be proven – stroke patients returning affected limbs to almost perfect functioning ability.

Whether it be a professional sports person, or a tradesperson, office worker, mum or grandparent,  massage helps prepare the body for increased activity, not only by warming and loosening the muscles and joints thereby increasing their flexibility and helping prevent cramping and injuries – but also by stimulating the system, physically and mentally. This is the key to improved health and therefore improved functionality in the body. Massage speeds up elimination of waste products – in particular lactic acid, stimulating the lymphatic system to clear accumulated waste products.

The physiological effects of massage point to a number of conditions that are improved:

  • reduced peripheral circulation
  • lymphatic congestion
  • muscle spasms
  • tension
  • anxious states
  • flaccid musculature
  • backache
  • headaches

I source all organic oils and essential oils for massage treatments. Organic cold pressed coconut oil is used as a base oil. Essential oils are sourced from as many organic Australian manufacturers as possible, and only the best quality European essential oils are used when necessary.


Treatments range from:  1hr to 3hr Pamper Packages and  are great for:

  • Birthday Presents
  • Hens Parties
  • Couple Anniversaries
  • Pre-Wedding and Post wedding
  • Pre-Birth and Post-Birth

I cater for children as well: offering gentle massage or Bowen Therapy

  • Bowen is especially great for them
  • Essential oil treatments for children 2yrs onwards
  • Pre-sports and post-sports workouts
  • Emotional tension
  • Growth pains

Create a combination package of 2 or more treatments and spend a morning or an afternoon being Pampered from Head to Toe.


1/2hr Massage and 1/2hr Far- Infrared Sauna

Feel that stress dissipate!
Allow the incredible therapeutic benefits of the FAR Infra-Red Sauna to release lactic acid and toxins from deep within the tissue, improving lymphatic congestion, skin health- leaves you glowing!


Choose any 1hr treatment and then follow on with Dynamic Raw and Wholefood workshop – learning all about OPTIMUM NUTRITION and Healing nutrient abundant foods.

BOWEN THERAPY – Created by Tom Bowen

Bowen Therapy is probably one of the most gentle forms of natural healing.

Its subtlety and depth amazes people, especially those who are used to having only deep tissue therapy. Studies have shown (and through my own experience as a therapist for the last 15 years) that one does not need to use forceful manipulations. to achieve significant changes.

Because Bowen is so gentle, it is wonderful for all ages, especially the elderly and children.

The technique embodies a truly holistic approach to health care. We don’t only treat specific conditions but facilitate a neutral potential for health to express itself in every aspect of the patient’s life.

For many of us stress is a constant factor in our lives. Long term stress can lead to hyperactivity in our nervous system. This in turn creates havoc with our immune system, sleep patterns and digestion, to name just a few aspects of affected health. So by addressing and treating the relationships between a tight muscle and fascia, trapped nerves are released when the fascia and muscle relate differently to each other, thereby allowing change to happen in the way our skeletal system functions. This approach usually has a longer effect than short sharp manipulations which only address the skeletal.

Kira not only treats humans, but is a  qualified  Equine Bowen Therapist. She constantly finds it incredible watching the changes taking place in horses – it’s such gentle, powerful stuff!

A Bowen Therapy session takes approximately 1hr including case history and consultation time.

Guanaba – Health and Healing Clinic  


In the Luxury of your own– Home  / Office  / Hotel or Resort. (By Appointment Only)