As we have just been affected again by loosing another family member to cancer, I am really wishing to highlight the human body’s need for true, pure wholesome nutrition.
People attending the Healing with Natural Food Workshops, often ask, “But how will I enjoy life without my bottle of wine, T.V. dinners (saving time) or my regular Friday night slab of chocolate?  And hearing that these are really normal, true fears of people, I always try and teach that there are times to let our hair down, but the human body was not made to withstand constant abuse.
So, even if we live a really pure life re our diet, ask yourself what and where else could I keep from overloading the system with much to deal with impurities?
For one our agriculture and meat/fish production is a far cry from what our grandparents and parents before had to deal with.  Something which I have found very interesting over the past 20 years of teaching and owning Wholefood businesses, is that many people that went through the world wars, although undernourished still have today, incredibly strong constitutions and mineral dense bones.  Well back in Europe even through the war, large pots of stock were made as meat was at a minimum, so bones were used to fortify meals and vegetables and legumes made up the staple of the diet.  Sugar was a luxury as was coffee so chicory and natural sweeteners were used.  There were no fast food chains, butter, dripping from pigs were used to lather sourdough breads with.  So although meals were simple, and yes minimal, the complete goodness of the food was still intact.  Cheese was unprocessed, milk came straight from the cow, sheep, goat, and often was cultured before consuming and there were no new fangled oils to deal with such as Canola, Rapeseed, olives were pressed producing naturally cold-pressed oils and the oxidative stress came from physical work, but that too was counter balanced by fewer chemicals, toxic paints (lime wash was used more), and other household toxins, toiletries etc. 
Now I am hearing more and more people really suffering and becoming quite ill from Wifi exposure, its is endless what our bodies have to deal with every minute of every day.  No wonder society is becoming more and more prone to suffering Dis-ease.
My point here is: Help reduce what your body has to deal with, we only have one chance, one amazing vessel to travel this life time in, the brand new cars we own get serviced, polished, adored and we even pass that adoration for a mechanical device onto our children, how often do we teach our children to adore and honour their own bodies, to live fulfilling lives where they don’t need to partake in drugs and alcohol to reach that all time high.  Us parents are their role model and they will truly follow in our footsteps.
Please feel free to contact me if you find you are on a plateau with your health and wish to really go that extra mile.  I run private one-on-one or private group classes still, in the comfort of your own home too.
Love and Much Health ~ Kiravegdrnk