Solo System Sauna

Far Infrared SaunaThe original sauna-for-one, the Solo System delivers clinical-grade far-infrared heat that is proven to raise core body temperature and induce a deep, healthy sweat.

Flexible and portable, the Solo System is ideal for anyone with limited space who wants clinical-grade heating and the benefits of a regular sauna routine.

By combining the gentle Solocarbon heating in the solo domes with the plush comfort of the SoloPad, the Solo System delivers 360⁰ surround heat – the hardest part is staying awake!


What is infrared?

New to infrared?

If you’re new to infrared sauna heating, learning about this technology can be an intimidating and off-putting mix of jargon and rapid-fire facts.

However taking the time to properly understand infrared heating will ensure you make a wise investment in technology that can help you achieve your wellness goals.

Sunlighten specialise in independently tested, clinical-grade infrared heating technology, and have a dedicated team of experienced specialists who can explain in simple (or detailed) terms what infrared technology is, and what it means for you.
Here are the basics.

Infrared heat is one part of the electromagnetic spectrum, occurring naturally as the non-harmful component of the sun’s radiation. Unlike harmful UV radiation, infrared heat is a safe wavelength you would commonly experience as the gentle, penetrating warmth in a sunny room on a cold winter’s day.

As a sauna heating technology, infrared is a relatively recent innovation of the last decade. However, the same technology has been used extensively in other industries from healthcare to space exploration for many years.

Within infrared, there are near, mid and far-infrared wavelengths.

Significant investment in research and development led to Sunlighten’s breakthrough:  Solocarbon heating technology. As Solocarbon operates at a lower temperature, it is proven to emit consistent far-infrared heat.

Our most recent innovation is full-spectrum infrared heating, a technology available only in Sunlighten’s mPulse series that utilises the entire infrared spectrum to support the widest range of wellness goals. The mPulse makes it easy to tailor a blend of wavelengths with six pre-set programs plus the option of custom heater settings.

That’s the basics. If you’d like to know more, please call me, I would be happy to talk you through it.

Understanding the technology is a valuable first step, but it’s all academic until you’ve enjoyed an hour in the gentle warmth of a Sunlighten sauna.