Stretch Classes

Kira is a qualified Stretch and Strengthen therapist, having studied with Kit Laughlin, who runs the incredible centre for Stretch at the Australian National University Sports and Recreation Association in Melbourne.

Flexibility & Strength are critical in life – for all of us, at all ages – and not just for the professional athlete. Flexibility is the most important of the two. Flexibility and Strength are the physical attributes underlying the essential qualities of suppleness and resilience for a good life.

Learning how to stretch correctly is the best way to decrease injuries, help lose weight, decrease recovery time from workouts and reduce and improve posture.

One of the most efficient ways of exploring our inner states and ourselves as a person, is through stretching . When a stretch is done correctly, working with the body in a calm, relaxed state, using the breath correctly, there is a sense of oneness with yourself.

In the classes, we work out specific exercises to suit your body type and your level of flexibility. Classes are non-competitive and focus on safety (correct way to be in a stretch) and progressing from easy to more challenging, therefore you do not leave have over exerted muscle groups that are not ready to be put into a particular pose.

Private Sessions – We focus on you as an individual with very individual needs.
Targeting special areas in the body e.g. neck, shoulders, back, then progressing to work out a routine targeting the whole body. Always focusing first on building a great balanced foundation.

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Semi-private – 2-3 people

Group classes – 3-6 people