Wholefood and Raw Food – and what it all means

fruitsmoothiesCome and join me on a journey of REAL Wholefoods,  Rawfood  AND  Cultured Foods and Drinks

Our food affects us on the inside and outside. It affects our moods, hormones, sleep, libido, brain function, metabolism.
I started teaching “healing with food” workshops twenty years ago, where my main focus was and still is on optimal nutrition, the micro-nutrients essential for growing and healing our bodies. Turning our bodies from acid to alkaline, correcting the health of the gut, which is crucial as many Dis-eases start in the gut. People learn how to create probiotic rich food and drinks, (CULTURED) and nutrient dense meals for the whole family, and learn that by creating these amazing foods we also create delicious flavours by using food in its most natural state.

Looking back in time to different cultures that lived on cultured, nutrient dense foods, (foods high in fat soluble vitamins such as Vit A, D and E and K)  we learn that their average age was over 100 and they were still very active in work, playing important roles in the survival of the tribe.

As more and more people are finding the need to make drastic dietary changes, the need for knowledge is all the greater.

More and more children are being diagnosed with “autism”, when they are just reacting to the foods that their little bodies cannot possibly know how to deal with. Sadly many are being treated with prescription drugs when changing their diet is all that’s needed! Children’s behaviour can swing wildly if they are reacting so something like a preservative, artificial colour, M.S.G or even salicylates found in strawberries. The capacity to which a child is able to learn and focus, is all relative to the micro-nutrients they receive from gestation through their lives to adult hood, and how they metabolise and absorb them.

As people are spending less and less time preparing food with the onslaught of fast food outlets which are even moving into third world countries at an alarming rate, we are becoming completely removed from our own food preparation. The inevitable consequences of this are the range of debilitating diseases now endemic in our society.

I endeavour to pass on as much knowledge as possible in these workshops.  They are jam-packed with hands on demonstrations, nutritional information, and tasting wonderful wholesome healing food, not to mention the fun!  You will be amazed to see and feel how your health and sense of well being changes as you begin nourishing your body, your cells, your mind and soul. Children, once on a wholesome nutrient dense diet, become calm and more balanced, yet have longer concentration levels, with the capacity to sit still and focus on a task at hand. Troublesome skin problems clear up, eg skin rashes, eczema, cranky behaviour, sleepless nights, constipation and diarrhea etc.

So here”s the best thing you could do for yourself and your family, JOIN us for a fun, jam packed afternoon, learning & tasting wholesome wonders of nourishing, healing foods

* Workshops usually range from 5-30 people (or larger groups by special booking).

* Gather a group of 5 friends and receive a complimentary 1 hour treatment of your choice and 50% discount on your workshop ticket

* Private 1 on 1 classes are available too – please phone me for more details and to book your special day to suit you.

* Personalised chef services:  creating all your cultured food & beverages, bone broths, dehydrated nuts, raw cheeses and healthy pantry shopping.

* Creating dynamic kids lunch boxes for awesome health and vitality

* Bookings are necessary for all classes which run from our Health Clinic in the gorgeous Guanaba Valley – Gold Coast, and from Miami.