The workshops I run teach people the principles of coming back to the traditional way of eating foods closest to their original state. People may be under the belief that they do not have a choice of the quality of the foods they consume or the quality in which these foods are grown.  We really do have a choice and the power to create and consume foods high in essential nutrients, aswell as the nutrients we are growing our children with, and the animals we share this planet with.  Food really can be treated as medicine- wonderfully tasty wholesome medicine!  Travelling to many countries over the past 20 years and working on an agricultural kibbutz in Israel at the age of 18, my interest in food has been paramount throughout my life.  Now talking to so many people from around the world, that come from countries, that up until a few years ago were still preparing food in the traditional way, not consuming sugar, wheat, and fast foods, are now changing their ways with the onslaught of fast food outlets and Americanised diets, and now too are suffering from so many debilitating diseases, and rampant obesity.  Just today the statistics for Australia sit at 11 million people who suffer from obesity and are overwieght. And 1 of 4 children are the same.  This has increased so dramatically since 1980.  We really do have to ask ourselves what is happening!

When we talk about Wholefoods, it simply is food in its original state, grown Biodynamically/Organically,  as well as food that has not been Genetically Modified, loaded with pesticides/sprays, soil that is fed naturally and only improves over time nutrient wise so that crops are able to grow abundantly, supplying us with a full range of nutrient dense fruit, vegetables, grains and animal  products. The animals grown,  not using antibiotics or growth hormones, being allowed to feed on nutrient dense green pastures and not pumped full of grains containing by- products from other animals, rancid oils and soy, which has left us with diseases such as mad cow disease, and the large number of poultry diseases that come from birds being kept and farmed in overcrowded polluted factory farms.

This might seem overwhelming, but simply by purchasing organic, free-range products, cutting chemical usage out of your life such as deodorants, perfumes, chemical cosmetics and hair products and household  products, that have all been tested on lab animals only to find that weird and wonderful cancers and reproductive abnormalities and birth defects metastizise. 

By consuming” wholefoods,”   its consuming brown rice not white polished refined rice, that has had the protein and many important vitamins and minerals removed. Nuts, seeds and fruit are used to produce a myriad of oils but the processes of extracting the oils use high temperatures and pressure, creating molecular change in the fatty acid bonds thereby creating dangerous free radical damage.  The old traditional ways of extracting oils used large stone grinding wheels often powered by mule, ox or humans.  This process did not create heat when something like olives were used to create a wonderful full bodied cold-pressed oil, and that goes for any other culinary oil. Coconut, avocado, various nut seed oils should all be COLD-PRESSED AND UNREFINED to preserve all their nutrient and healing properties.  Small amounts of natural sugars such as raw honey, organic unheated Maple Syrup, unrefined coconut nector, unrefined carbohydrates, ample quantities of fat soluble nutrients such as Vit  A,D, E AND K – used by the body to grow healthy Endocrine Systems, hormonal and reproductive organs and brain tissue.

So why not join us on a WHOLEFOOD AND RAWFOOD journey and go back to eating traditionally prepared foods for  Wellbeing~ Happiness and Deep Connection!