The Importance of Structured Stretching

Like any great working machine, the human body was designed to MOVE.  The ever increasing pressure put onto people in the work environment, means that seldom do people even move away from their computer screens in a given 1 hour lunch break, except of course to go to the toilet or over to the fax machine.

It is creating havoc with people and more and more are now trying to cope with chronic pain, ever increasing pressure from work,  family and partnership time and then the ‘ME’ time.  Oh yes that’s right, there once was a ME, many people say when asked about how they spend 20 minutes doing something for themselves.

Well, the great thing about moving and grooving is the whole family can bond and do it together or that may be your way out for ‘ME’ time.

Each person is an individual, with different lifestyles, different body structures, present or past injuries, and genetic limitations such as pelvic alignment for example.  Bones and joints may be moved only as much as they are anatomically designed, so by performing a stretch movement we are not misaligning any part to achieve our goal, but rather working with the body.  The end result is joint mobility, a balance of suppleness and strength.  Not only does the physical body benefit but the human psychi too is uplifted, bringing a feeling of balance, calm, relief of stress and tension and general well being.  Who honestly does not need this in their life?

As our posture is corrected and strengthened, the way we look changes and the way other people perceive us changes too.  The importance of the correct posture when going into a stretch, holding a stretch and coming out of a stretch is so important, and all too many people end up with chronic pain or injury due to a class not being well supervised. Done correctly and slowly, stretch therapy aids in overcoming injuries, spinal problems, hormonal issues, depression, stress, headaches, easing discomfort during pregnancy, breathing problems and poor posture.

So get up and get active, book in for supervised stretch & strengthen sessions, you will be amazed at the increased blood flow, energy, strength and vitality you end up with.  As we move we gain even more freedom of movement, we decrease the risk of injury when we are out doing other physical chores, we ease muscular tension and stiffness and create vitality and longevity.

Here’s to the wonder of the human body!