The Sacred Gift of the Intuitive Mind

I wanted to share this great resource of knowledge re meditating, mindfulness and clarity.

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I am finding more and more people opening up and revealing their stress levels, and there is HUGE STRESS OUT THERE, but more importantly there is huge stress WITHIN.
This is a beautiful way to bring peace and stillness into our daily life and is shared by Boris von Rechenberg – transformational healer and energy coach.
1.  Close your eyes.  Feel your skin, feel the air.  Notice the breath moving in and out without even trying.  Surrender the need to understand.
2.  Breath into your heart centre.  Breath in love and joy.  Notice yourself filling with light.  Breathe out love and joy and appreciation
3.  Keep your eyes open.  Soften your gaze.  Lose focus so you are not looking at any one thing.  Surrender the need to name what you see.  Know you are safe.  Let your eyes drink in everything.  Find the clarity in the blur, like eyes open underwater.
4.  Pick a beautiful object.  Look at it, imagine it is the most incredible thing in the universe.  Pour your loving awareness into it.  Now pick a mundane object and do the same.  Be open. Marvel. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
5.  Close your eyes.  Feel the aliveness and energy all around.  Let this awareness pour into your body.  Let is scan every part of your tension.  It knows where to go- let it.  When you find tension, let mindful awareness pour into that part of you and feel the tensions and blocks.
By practising this, it helps awaken your intuitive higher self and help you connect with your wisdom mind, which naturally and easily enjoys calm, clarity and peace from a higher perspective.
” The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honours the servant  and has forgotten the gift.”  Albert Einstein.
May you all have a peaceful, centred and healthy week.
Love and kindness